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Brain2Web is a blog in which I try to highlight things from a less common side. Usually viewed from a scientific, economic or philosophical angle. Hopefully a counterpart to the, in my opinion, increasingly superficial mainstream media and politics that paint a distorted image of the world due to a lack of insight and knowledge. I do not pretend to have the truth, but make an attempt to give critical thinking in our society a push in the right direction.

Although the world is currently ruled by fear for the Sars-Cov-2 virus and my first blogs will be about that topic, the topics will be diverse. Maybe things you didn't immediately think about. Things that I have studied and that I would like to share. Whenever I feel like it and have time. Don't expect weekly or even monthly blogs. They come when they come... Note that I will not always have time to translate articles in this blog into English. I will do what I can when it is relevant and I have time to spare.

Who am I? I am mainly someone with a broad interest. Academically educated at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Moved from Mechanical Engineering into IT and started my own business. After 18 years with a well running company and a fantastic product, still looking for new challenges. I like problems that I can dig into and come up with surprising iand innovative solutions.